Geosubmit: /v1/geosubmit (DEPRECATED)

Deprecated since version 1.2: (2015-07-15) Please use the Geosubmit Version 2: /v2/geosubmit API instead.

Purpose: Submit data about nearby Bluetooth, cell and WiFi networks.


Geosubmit requests are submitted using an HTTP POST request to the URL:<API_KEY>

Geosubmit requests are submitted using an HTTP POST request with a JSON body.

Here is an example body:

{"items": [
    "latitude": -22.7539192,
    "longitude": -43.4371081,
    "accuracy": 10.0,
    "altitude": 100.0,
    "altitudeAccuracy": 50.0,
    "timestamp": 1405602028568,
    "heading": 45.0,
    "speed": 3.6,
    "bluetoothBeacons": [
            "macAddress": "ff:74:27:89:5a:77",
            "age": 2000,
            "name": "beacon",
            "signalStrength": -110
    "cellTowers": [
            "radioType": "gsm",
            "cellId": 12345,
            "locationAreaCode": 2,
            "mobileCountryCode": 208,
            "mobileNetworkCode": 1,
            "age": 3,
            "asu": 31,
            "signalStrength": -51,
            "timingAdvance": 1
    "wifiAccessPoints": [
            "macAddress": "01:23:45:67:89:ab",
            "age": 3,
            "channel": 6,
            "frequency": 2437,
            "signalToNoiseRatio": 13,
            "signalStrength": -77
            "macAddress": "23:45:67:89:ab:cd"

Field Definition

Requests always need to contain a batch of reports. Each report must contain at least one entry in the cellTowers array or two entries in the wifiAccessPoints array.

Most of the fields are optional. For Bluetooth and WiFi records only the macAddress field is required. For cell records the radioType, mobileCountryCode, mobileNetworkCode, locationAreaCode and cellId fields are required.

The Bluetooth array is an extension and can contain four different fields for each Bluetooth network:


The address of the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon.


The name of the BLE beacon.


The number of milliseconds since this Bluetooth beacon was last seen.


The measured signal strength of the BLE beacon in dBm.

The cell record has been extended over the geolocate schema to include three more optional fields:


The number of milliseconds since this cell was primary. If age is 0, the cell id represents a current observation.


The arbitrary strength unit. An integer in the range of 0 to 95 (optional).


The physical cell id as an integer in the range of 0 to 503 (optional).

The WiFi record has been extended with one extra optional field frequency. Either frequency or channel may be submitted to the geosubmit API as they are functionally equivalent.


The frequency in MHz of the channel over which the client is communicating with the access point.

The top level schema is identical to the geolocate schema with the following additional fields:


The latitude of the observation (WSG 84).


The longitude of the observation (WSG 84).


The time of observation of the data, measured in milliseconds since the UNIX epoch. Should be omitted if the observation time is very recent.


The accuracy of the observed position in meters.


The altitude at which the data was observed in meters above sea-level.


The accuracy of the altitude estimate in meters.


The heading field denotes the direction of travel of the device and is specified in degrees, where 0° ≤ heading < 360°, counting clockwise relative to the true north. If the device cannot provide heading information or the device is stationary, the field should be omitted.


The speed field denotes the magnitude of the horizontal component of the device’s current velocity and is specified in meters per second. If the device cannot provide speed information, the field should be omitted.


Successful requests return a HTTP 200 response with a body of an empty JSON object.